In a Nutshell

I’m a User Experience Designer from South Africa / Ireland currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Design (Honours) from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland and have been working in the design industry for 7 years. I am an experienced designer, skilled at communicating with clients and gathering requirements. User Experience is important to me, I have created high fidelity wireframes, organised and taken part in user testing sessions, worked with information architects and content creators. I’ve worked in sprints and waterfalls. I like things to be simple and clean.

Basically, I’ve always loved understanding and fixing things.




A map based project collaboration platform. As the lead UX designer I worked closely with users and project owners to improve existing usability, explore new features and ensure a good experience for user adoption, onboarding and retention. I did much of the implementation myself and was also responsible for marketing materials and maintaining brand standards.


Arekibo Communications

Digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. At Arekibo I worked on a large range of web and app projects. My responsibilities ranged from generating wireframes and specifications, refining usability and user experience as well as creating final designs. I worked closely with the front end team and have much experience in working directly with clients.


Red Oak Tax Refunds

Financial services company based in Carlow, Ireland. My responsibilities were maintaining and updating the Red Oak Tax Refund websites. This involved creating graphics for the site, implementing new styles and sections, integrating the site with Google Analytics and Optimiser, the company’s CRM as well as creating promotional material for web and print. While working there I worked on the concept and created assets for the Red Oak Snap! iPhone app.


Capture Productions

Educational software company based in Carlow, Ireland. Capture Productions produce children’s learning software for educational companies. I developed concepts and created backgrounds and assets for various games. I coordinated with programmers and content editors to produce an online games engine for National Geographic School Publishing. The job involved designing layouts in Illustrator, some Flash programming and XML layouts.

I'm a Little Sketchy

When it comes to card sorting, wireframes and quickly iterating design concepts.



I'm adept at the Adobe Creative Suite. I've designed to strict and loose brand guidelines and I'm used to keeping contrast and accessibility in mind. Most of my experience comes from websites but I've designed for native Android and iOS as well.


I've used sharpie sketches, Adobe Illustrator and Axure to get my ideas across. I've created simple prototypes to test layouts and I've built complex clickable prototypes to test interactions and flows.


I'm used to working in sprints, defining requirements with product owners, clearing back-logs and performing visual and front end QA.


I'm interested in front end techniques and technologies. I have a good working knowledge of HTML,CSS and Javascript. I've built and modified sites in Wordpress.

User Testing

I've developed interactive prototypes and lead user testing sessions to test flows and compare ideas.

Team Player

I helped Arekibo win an Eir Spider for Agency of the Year and an IIA Award for Universal Design.